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The Theater’s reconstruction

The municipality took on the services of an expert, M. Dumont from Troyes, and signed a contract with M. Bonnotte, a local businessman, to clear the site. The Town's insurance contract reimbursed 145 771.47 Francs and an emergency fence was erected around the ruined theater to avoid accidents.

No work was undertaken before the end of the war, and it was not until 1922 that the rebuilding of the theater was envisaged. The architect Méot gave an estimate of 210 000 Francs. However, only 44 000 Francs remained from the sum reimbursed by the insurance company. The Town was heavily indebted and they also needed to think about the former cog-railway. On 28th October 1922 however, the municipal council decided to partially rebuild the theater: to protect the walls and carry out roofing work to a sum of 108 000 Francs.

At the end of 1923 this was achieved, and the acceptance took place during a council meeting on 14th April 1924. In August, a second phase of work was undertaken, to « close the openings, build a ceiling, a stage, and lay a floor to allow the hall to be used ». This work was completed in 1926: acceptance of the flooring took place on 16th January, and that of the woodwork and locksmithing in November.

Theatre en 1996

However, the people of Langres still needed to be patient... Minutes of a meeting on 25th February 1931 stipulate that the theater had « served for several years to shelter several victims so that until now we (the municipal council) have been unable to carry out our project ». Furthermore, the work carried out seemed insufficient, particularly the « Staircase for the exit completely insufficient for a theater » and the « carpentry of the stage, in wood instead of having been provided in reinforced concrete ».

Consequently, an offer was launched to find an architect to finish the interior. Only one project was proposed, by M. Mongin, architect, for the sum of 214 000 Francs. The Town was unable to finance such a project, and so it was revised for less. The first phase was to allow rudimentary use of the hall (500 seats for conferences, concerts and shows with basic production needs). The construction of a reinforced concrete balcony was undertaken.

On 11th July 1934, the municipal council authorised the launch of the second phase of works for the interior. It allowed not only for the permanent decoration of the hall, but also for the installation of central heating. On 27th July 1935, an annex was built to house props and decors which had till then been stored in the old Carteret-Trécourt barracks. On 13th December, the management rules were revised, and on 28th February 1936, the first bookings were examined.

Theatre en 1996

In 2000, the theatre was completely renovated and can now seat 250 spectators.

Theatre en 2000

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