14-18 Langres

at war

The United States place:

a homage to the Americans.

The Americans landed in France in June 1917. General Pershing set up his headquarters in Chaumont, and to train his troops for trench warfare, he opened training schools in Langres which became major centres for training. Thousands of American soldiers passed through Langres and ties were established with these allies who came to lend a hand to the French army.

Little by little, the people of Langres became accustomed to meeting these « Sammies » with their boy-scout hats and their natural generosity. To show their gratitude for the sacrifice they made to defend the Nation, the people of Langres through their municipal council, changed the name of the square Place Bel'Air to call it Place des Etats-Unis (United Sates Square). This new name commemorates at the same time the war effort of the United States and the 1st anniversary of the independence of the United States of America. Two trees were planted for the occasion on the square, one called « Verdun », and the other « United States ».

Place des Etats-Unis

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