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1914-1918 : Langres at war

With this internet site, you can discover the town of Langres as seen through the lens of the First World War. Each site is given a number and placed in the context of the period through photos, texts and stories, even sometimes film footage of the era.

At the time of the outbreak of the war in late July 1914, Langres was a small town living mainly on its agriculture, on taxes raised at its entrances and from the 21st Infantry Regiment Garrison barracks.

On July 31st 1914, the local press published an article entitled « COLD BLOOD » giving the situation in Langres a few hours from the declaration of war. Their worries were tangible: the local population stockpiled food and money and youngsters called out to officers: « Sir, is it already war-time? »

Without knowing it, the journalist wrote a conclusion that was the complete opposite of a situation on the brink of becoming the most horrible conflict ever known up to that time: « We write with pleasure that the population of Langres reflects the national feeling. The dignity of France, at this time, will most probably be a factor of peace ». The future was to prove the contrary...


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