14-18 Langres

at war

Another fire.

Last Wednesday around 7 in the morning, the alarm rang to alert the inhabitants that a new fire had just been reported in Mr Du Breuil de St-Germain’s house in the Hôtel de Ville square. This building was occupied by allied troops which had set up their offices there. The fire seemed to have taken place in the loft following a burst chimney which had almost entirely destroyed the roof, loft and first floor.

Thanks to the assistance that arrived, the rest of the building along with the neighbouring houses were protected, notably that occupied by Mr. Gavet, temporary court clerk of the Civil Tribunal which had been vacated.

The firemen, the French and allied troops did their duty.

The civil and military authorities were on the premises.

The damage was significant and was covered by insurance from the Abeille Company.

Fortunately, the fire was able to be contained and had not damaged the exterior walls or sculptures of this old town house which would retain its true historic value.

Madame du Breuil, who was alerted by telegram, arrived by car immediately to inspect the damage to her property. We assured her, as well as Mr du Breuil, of our deepest regret and sympathy.

(En avant, 14th December 1917)

Hôtel du Breuil

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