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The Hôtel du Breuil de St-Germain:

The headquarters of the American army schools.

The American expeditionary forces, who were accustomed to movement war, had to train in a new way in order to fight in trenches. John Pershing chose to install his headquarters in Chaumont, while a good number of the American military schools were set up in Langres.

Mrs Du Breuil de Saint-Germain, landlord of a town house situated on rue Chambrûlard, made the building available to the American administration so that they could set up the headquarters of the American army schools there. On 12th December 1917, shortly after the installation of the American officers, there was a fire on the premises, which destroyed the upper part of the building (roof, loft and first floor). It is thought the fire started after a chimney exploded. The firemen, assisted by French troops and allies, put out the fire before it spread. The building was repaired and given back to the American military authorities.

Press clippings of the time informs us about the disaster:

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