14-18 Langres

at war

Charité Hospital:

A military hospital.

From the outset of the war, the army took charge of the organisation of the state of war of the town. It was necessary to make mobilisation more efficient, but also to assume the role of a stronghold for food supplies which was attributed to the city.

The first decisions concerned the organisation of health services. To receive the wounded arriving from the front, the two military hospitals of the town were set in motion. One of them was the Charité Hospital, which was attached to the extra hospital n°3 installed in the old Dominican convent adjoining the building. The latter became a part of the Charité Hospital at the end of the war when the army abandoned the Saint-Laurent military hospital.

Extra hospital n°3 contained 100 beds in 1914 at the outbreak of the war. In 1917, the Americans took over the place and Camp Hospital n°24 took its place.

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