14-18 Langres

at war

Peigney Fort:

American automatic arms academy.

At the outbreak of the war, the fortifications around Langres were no longer adapted to defence against modern armament. Some work around Langres and on the forts should allow a reinforcement of resistance to an attack, but the old defence system would not stand up to a siege.

Rapidly the situation on the front was established and Langres and its surroundings seemed spared by the enemy advance. The citadel and the forts were then used to station troops and carry out exercises.

When the Americans organised their military academies in Langres, the forts became ideal training grounds for troops. Thus Fort Peigney was designated by the American Commandment as the American academy of automatic arms.

On 5th December 1917, Colonel John H. Parker of the American infantry received the Peigney Fort from the French army to establish the academy of automatic arms. It comprised a machine-gun section and an automatic rifle section. On April 11th 1918, the two sections joined the specialised infantry school. On August 1st 1918, the automatic rifle section remained attached to the infantry academy whilst the machine gun section became independent and was named the machine gun school. The objective was to train officers and ensigns to use machine guns. The training lasted four weeks.

Ecole de tir de Peigney

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