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Jean-Duvet School:

School of American health services.

On 6th April 1917, The United States entered the war against Germany. It took some time for the American army to organise the crossing and the first « Sammies » (nickname for American soldiers) landed in France in June 1917. Under the command of General Pershing, the American Expeditionary Forces, trained to fight on the move had to be trained for the new methods of warfare in the trenches. The French and the British offered to take American soldiers in their units on the front, but the American commandment preferred to retain its autonomy. American soldiers had to be trained for war, so military schools had to be set up. John Pershing chose to set up his HQ in Chaumont, and Langres hosted a large part of the American military academies.

The American army quickly chose to set up an American health service academy at the end of 1917 in the buildings of the old municipal girls' school on Jean-Duvet Square, already occupied by extra hospital n° 2. Its mission was to train medical department officers to carry out their functions on the battlefield in their respective specialities (dentists, surgeons, medical officers).

A gas academy was also set up nearby, on Jean-Duvet Square. It was in charge of training officers and ensigns destined to become instructors in the use of anti-gas equipment.

Ecole Jean Duvet

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