14-18 Langres

at war


Exercises of the American Army schools.

John Pershing chose to set up his general headquarters in Chaumont and Langres became home to a good share of the American Military schools. As well as the school of general military staff, the American command installed other training centres in Langres and the surrounding region. In order to put the theories learnt in the different lessons into practice and to also test the knowledge of the students before their leaving the army schools, exercises were carried out in the area surrounding the town. Corlée, which is close to Langres and sufficiently isolated, was a perfect area for the officers to train the soldiers on.

A hand-made report by the École de Ligne in October-December 1918 unveiled the state of mind of the students during this period. Printed on the machines of the American map printing section based in the citadel, this publication of limited circulation contained caricatured illustrations representing, for example, Langres town at the summit of an insurmountable mountain, freezing students huddled together around a miniscule stove, soldiers’ letter boxes desperately empty or even a student sitting alone at a table asking « Whoinell sent me here? » Some drawings depicted exercises carried out in the nearby area around the cité.

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