14-18 Langres

at war

Diderot School:

Extra Hospital n° 1

From the beginning of the war, the army took charge of organising a state of war in the town. It was necessary to make mobilisation more efficient, and also to insure the job of the fortress to assign food provisions to the city.

The first decisions concerned the organisation of health services. Over and above the two main military hospitals – Saint-Laurent and Charité – the army created extra hospitals. They set them up in buildings which were requisitioned and rented by the army. Among these buildings was the Diderot College, situated on a square by the same name, which became extra hospital n° 1.

It provided 250 beds and the staff necessary to take charge of the wounded arriving from the front. This hospital worked until the end of the war, the Town requested its freedom from army health services on 21st November 1918 so that students could be lodged there again.

College  Diderot

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