14-18 Langres

at war

The Galland barracks:

American army schools.

On their arrival, the American expeditionary forces, who were accustomed to movement war, had to train in a new way in order to fight in trenches. Both the French and the English proposed integrating the American soldiers into the allied units on the front, but the American army leaders preferred to maintain their autonomy. It was therefore necessary to create military schools to train the Americans for war. John Pershing chose to install his headquarters in Chaumont, while a good number of the American military schools were set up in Langres.

After having occupied the Carteret-Trécourt barracks, on 15th June 1918, the school moved to the Galland barracks (former Grand Séminaire, rue Chambrûlard), to accommodate 220 third session students. There were 4 sessions in total which were run until 31st December 1918. 770 students passed through the school during this period and 537 qualified officers graduated.

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